The Quasar Lite Novel

Amber and Daniel find themselves trapped in another realm where giants walk the earth beneath a perpetual starry sky. Using the Quasar Lite Sport Aircraft, the two must find Amber's uncle and figure out how to restore peace and order to the realm before an ancient prophecy can come to fruition.

After the disappearance of Amber's Uncle, Daniel and Amber uncover the secret that led to his disappearance, which involves an ancient doorway in the Colorado Rocky Mountains known as Rurik's Door. When they find themselves on the other side of the doorway, they are thrown into a plot that has been orchestrated by a mysterious man named Bolwerk that involves the capture and disappearance of the caretakers in this parallel world that subsequently has extinguished the light of day. Amber and Daniel must use all that they know in order to overcome tribulation after tribulation that seems to bring the world closer to doom with each choice they make.