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The Hell-Sword Series



Hell-Sword Book Two

Once again it falls to the great King Elgar to save the universe—or I screwed things up so badly that I have no choice but to save the universe. People started calling me King Elgar after my hero complex when I got stuck with the job of sealing Ryptose the World Ender to the Hell-Sword last October because I’m the only necromancer left in existence.

Speaking of that, did you know every three-hundred years Cthulhu comes back to our universe to parley with the psionic community through a group of necromancers? Me neither. Too bad all the necromancers but fourteen-year-old me are dead. You’d probably hate to be the loser who got stuck having to answer to Cthulhu without any guidance or ability to speak ancient demonic. I’d ask the Holy Council for help, but I’m pretty sure they’re hoping this whole Cthulhu reunion goes sideways; just a feeling.

At least my friends always have my back. Wait till you see Andrew’s new getup. Not saying we’d win in a battle against Cthulhu... but.... How big can Cthulhu actually be anyway?

If you would have told me two years ago that I would both seal a monstrous demon to the Hell-Sword and be the one called to answer to The Great Old One, Cthulhu, I'd think you were trying to sell me a time machine or something because that's amazing you'd be able to know that, and maybe I won't go to that school for psionic students because that sounds really... not simple, guys.... Yeah....


The Last Necromancer


What would you do if you discovered you were the one standing between life in the universe as we know it, and a sea of hellish legions threatening to pour out of Tartarus? How much fun would you have if you could teleport to any universe on a whim, complete quests for money, and learn how to cast spells with your friends? What if you had to use everything you’d ever learned in your day-to-day life just to live to see tomorrow?

My name is Elgar King and I’m the last of a prestigious race of psionic necromancers. I was just questing like my normal psionic friends when I accidentally released a demon called Ryptose the World Ender. Being the last necromancer in existence… it kinda falls on me to put the genie back in the bottle. But I’m just a thirteen year old kid with ADD and a few months of psionic experience under my belt. If I don’t succeed in sealing Ryptose to the Hell-Sword: you, me, our friends and family—that’s it, game over.

Release Date October 23, 2018